Monday, July 13, 2009

I Still Believe

I always have these funky, weird dreams. I've dreamt of pirates, my cousin getting sucked into a excalator while we were on a scavenger hunt, my mother killing me and the ones I really dislike - my teeth falling out.

I scared C a couple of weeks ago by screaming in my sleep. Gman and C tried to wake me up but I kept screaming. C even turned on the light - no luck. Nuts, huh?

Although I did not remember any of that, I did remember my dream. Yeah, it was violent.

Last night I woke myself up. How? Singing - Jeremy Camp's "I Still Believe". Man I was loud too. I can't believe the husband didn't wake up with that one... I DO NOT sing good AT ALL. Because of my compassion
for others, I only sing in the privacy of my own vehicle or bedroom. As much as my Dobe loves me, he will get up and leave the room.

So since you can't "hear me". I'll sing..... "Even when I don't see.... I still believe".

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