Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Husband, Two Boys and a Dog

We create a lot spillage here. It can't be avoided. Between my husband, the boys, their friends and the dog, our carpets were looking gross. Really, what the heck is that? I don't think I want to know.

I did some research and it came down to two cleaners - a Bissell and a Hoover. There were pros and cons for each.

I don't work during the summer so I have to make my last paycheck s-t-r-e-t-c-h until the fall. Only if I were to wait til the fall I wouldn't have time to clean the carpets. So I sucked it up and last week I purchased my very first carpet cleaner.

I bought the Hoover Steam Vac (Silver Carpet Cleaner). Model #F5915900 - $149.83 from Walmart. I don't do Walmart (another story) but no one could beat the price. I decided on the Hoover only because I've had my Hoover vacuum for almost 10 years and (knock on wood) she's still a going strong.

The cashier was rude...I don't know why, she did NOTHING. My kid loaded up the large box. I did the self-checkout thing. I only asked if she could open the box so I could make sure it was well packaged because it looked as if the box (it was the last one) had been re-taped. I ended up taking a pen and doing it myself. Just another reason I don't like Walmart.

Cons: made of very cheap plastic so you need to handle with care. It does not come with the tool to clean the front of the machine which makes it a little tougher to clean.

Pros: good directions, upholstery tool and storage (I haven't used this yet), surge button, 2 brush speeds - or turn off, cleans bare floors, has a very long cord.

I've been cleaning the carpet in the morning (while the boys are still in bed) and by 2:00/3:00 the carpet is dry and I'm able to put the room back together. The cleaning itself isn't hard but it ain't napping either. I'm a big chick so this is a workout.

I love this machine. It was well worth all the work. Check out that nasty water. YUCK!!! Yes, I am so embarrassed!

When I finished I took a look around. It was so satisfying to see my clean carpet. It looked good. It smelled good. I just stood, looking, enjoying it all.

Then my youngest walked out of his room, walked on my still wet carpet and popped a bag of popcorn. Really? I hadn't even started to clean up the machine. Things don't stay clean long around here but that has to be a record.

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