Saturday, July 18, 2009

Does It Really Make It Better?

I want to drink more water. I've gone through phases when all I'm drinking is water. I feel best when I can get in 90 - 100 oz. I'm also urinating every five minutes.

I feel guilty every time I buy a bottle of water. I recycle but I still feel shame. My husband thinks I'm nuts for buying water when the tap gives it to us for free. It makes sense but I just can't do it. So as with most things, he and I compromised. He bought me a Brita Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filtration System - classic pitcher - and told me to stop buying water.

I did not think Brita could do the job. I was not happy but whatever. It was only 13 bucks.
It was a pain in the ass to even get it out of the package. The directions are numbered in five easy steps...with more reading. Brita sat on the counter for a few days.

After finding my patience, I read through the directions and filled up Brita. Love it! The other nut jobs in the family love it too. The only problem is you have to keep the filter wet - which takes up room from the pitcher.
It seems as I'm always filling that thing up. I will be getting another Brita - probably a Brita Grand or Brita Vintage. I don't know anyone who has the dispenser. I'm not sure if I want to mess with filling that thing up and shoving that in the fridge.

For flavored water, use an ice tray to freeze lemon, lime or watermelon juice. I have found a great water bottle by Rubbermade. It's made of the right kind of plastic and everything. I ended up buying another one, I loved it so much. Yeah, I'm pretty much easy to please.

Brita does make it better.

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